Alice Offley Wants Action ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’

Ready to continue with her impeccable record of well-rounded singles, Disco Diva Alice Offley is back with her third release of the year in the form of the irresistible Don’t Say You Love Me.

Alice Offley – Don’t Say You Love Me

A lot can be said about Alice Offley at this point in her career. From her origins as a part of Alice & The Lovers to her work as a session musician for notorious acts such as Tricky, Cindy Lauper, and Thompson Twins, the truth is that despite her independent musician status, she is no novice.

Over the last couple of years, Alice has released several tunes receiving positive reviews from music blogs (including Right Chord Music) while amassing thousands of plays on streaming services, building a rock-solid reputation as a highly entertaining performer.

Her most recent single, Don’t Say You Love Me, dives into the importance of love and the need to show it, not just say it. “Sweet words are not enough.”

The single was inspired by her recent tour of Detroit and her favourite funk and Motown artists. Kicking off with Alice’s unmistakable funky bass, the track benefits from its upbeat rhythm guitar and Alice’s playful vocals. DSYLM captures the retro essence that is already a staple in her sound whilst keeping things fresh enough with a modern twist guaranteed to entice people of all ages with its inherent catchiness.

“Don’t Say You Love Me is a hypnotically infectious bop that will keep you returning for more.”

It’s so gratifying to see how Alice Offley keeps refining her sound after all this time, offering music with a strong flair of authenticity and sophistication. Her artistic growth is evident and definitely, something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before we hear from this Disco Diva again.

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Words Javier Rodriguez