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Finn O’Hara Thinks ‘You Deserve A Better Man’

Finn O'Hara - You Deserve A Better Man

Taking inspiration from a close friend and a universal issue regarding self-esteem, Irish singer-songwriter Finn O’Hara has crafted a charming pop melody, demonstrating not only his innate talent as an artist but also his strong social conscience.

Finn O’Hara – You Deserve A Better Man

Following an impactful debut with the song Silhouette (a track which by the way has more than 500000 streams on Spotify), Ireland’s very own Finn O’Hara recently revealed his sophomore single You Deserve a Better Man. An empowering composition with emotional depth, the meaning behind this piece displays a mature side of this teenage musician.

This new offering tackles a problem that is pretty evident nowadays thanks to social media, and that is the insecurity that so many people around the world have about themselves. More specifically, the thought process about not being good enough to find true love, thinking they are just one-night-stand material. Based on a real-life experience from one of Finn’s friends, this song is an encouraging anthem that many people need to hear due to its relevance in today’s society.

Accompanied by upbeat drums and nostalgic synth passages, Finn’s smooth voice carries the sympathetic lyrics with authenticity, truly making you feel that both the composition and the previously mentioned message come from the heart.

You Deserve A Better Man is as motivating as it is musically appealing, it’s the perfect example of how to deliver inspirational commentary through engaging music. 

This work might be just his second release, but Finn O’ Hara has proved his versatility across different styles, from sad ballads to meaningful pop boppers, while also coming up as honest and insightful. This seventeen-year-old is ready to take the world by storm.

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Words Javier Rodriguez