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Modern Temple Are ‘Unstoppable’ Feat. Imprenta Fragrante

Modern Temple - Unstoppable

Husband-and-wife duo Modern Temple team up with Hispanic rapper Imprenta Fragrante to create a Latin dance fusion song celebrating dreams and self-belief.

Modern Temple Feat. Imprenta Fragrante – Unstoppable

Judging by the new age-esque band name, as well as the solemn, contemplative looks on their faces and the pastels palette on the promotional picture, you instantly know what you’re in for… Except that you don’t. Who on earth would have expected the first notes to ring from this aloof-looking husband-and-wife duo to be a luscious reggaeton beat? Well, turns out even a band named Modern Temple may enjoy taking a walk on the wild side of life! That is what we see in their new single Unstoppable.

The song spares no use of uplifting sounds borrowed from both the hard-thumping Anglo-Saxon electropop heritage and the groovier loose-hipped Latin world. Also surprisingly, however, both traditions never quite fuse here. Instead, some Hispanic-tinged verses carry out a playful duel against the more explosive dance-pop chorus, creating quite an inviting exchange. Both moments competently build upon the lyrics’ empowering message with their celebration of self-belief.

Still, the culminating moment is quite possibly the post-chorus “Oh uh” chanting. It is just so joyful, sincere and, well, even a little silly that not unleashing and singing along is bound to be a hard task! “I will rise and look past the lies”, sings Ellie Moreau surrounded by castanets with a full and deep tone that creates a pleasing contrast to Dustin’s lighter, teenage-like vocals, deployed in the verses. The hard beats then steal the show right away while she cheerily declares “I choose to believe that it’s possible!”.

The feature rap verse in the bridge adds an extra charm. “There’s no place for doubting”, raps our guest Imprenta Fragrante in Spanish, to a slightly purer Caribbean groove than elsewhere in the song, furthering the optimistic message.

Unstoppable was recorded and produced in the band’s home studio in College Station, Texas, and is the lead-off single from their upcoming eponymous album, due next year. Their first single Hollowed Days was released in 2020 to a warm reception online, having amassed over 300,000 streams and surpassed 30.000 views of its video.

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