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Esme Bridie Releases Her Heartfelt Debut EP ‘Something In Your Teeth’

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Teasing fans by gradually releasing her debut EP as singles, Esme Bridie lets her fifth and final song into the world to complete the collection. This final single ‘What I Wanted’ serves as the sincere ending to an EP of passion and honesty. 

Esme Bridie – Something In Your Teeth

Esme Bridie’s debut EP is an exploration of womanhood, detailing the highs and lows of the female experience. The Liverpool-based artist is all about speaking her mind, in a city rich with music history, demonstrating through varied perspectives in her lyricism that to be a woman is to be multifaceted. Laced with dynamic crescendos, Esme’s vocals are entrancing and captivating. 

The closing track ‘What I Wanted’ is an indie rock slow burner, concluding the collection with a strong final kick. Esme Bridie’s debut EP ‘Something In Your Teeth’ shares a charm similar to Kate Nash’s early work. The heavy hitter ‘Shut Up!’ peels back layers and preconceptions of what a woman is, supported by Esme’s melodic vocals. Esme Bridie rightfully encourages self-love and individuality here, as well as acknowledging your flaws, through her deeply personal writing style. 

Esme’s debut EP draws away from her previous softer acoustic sound, shining a new light on her potential. We experience Esme coming into her own, unafraid to be confrontational, going from strength to strength. ‘Something In Your Teeth’s sense of rage adds new depth to Esme’s discography, contributing to her already moving lyricism. 

Backed by powerful instrumentation from Sam Pierpoint (drums), George Higgins (bass) and Jay Taylor (lead guitar), Esme shows that her sound can be equal parts heavy and gentle. Esme considers herself to have been boxed in by nice, quiet girl labels – this EP puts those assumptions of her to rest.

Exploring the age-old tale of growth, Esme’s EP flourishes in its relatability. As it stands, ‘Something In Your Teeth’ is one memorable track after another. Esme seamlessly blends wit with deep emotion, paired frequently with crashing drums or smooth guitar. 

“Esme Bridie’s debut EP is a memorable collection that packs a punch.”

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Words Zuzu Lacey