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Episode 234 Lost On Radio Podcast & Playlist

Lost On Radio Playlist

The Lost On Radio Spotify Playlist champions unsigned bands & independent artists. We showcase incredible new artists that are being overlooked by radio or pushed to the late-night fringes.

This week, it’s all change! Despite not making a Podcast since episode 201 we are still attracting listeners and today we discovered over 27,000 people have now listened to the Lost On Radio Podcast! With this number ringing loudly in our ears we were tempted back into the world of Podcasting. Using the incredible Anchor mobile app we have produced a new episode for you. If it goes well, we might just continue. So let us know what you think!

Anchor allows you to record Podcast audio via your mobile phone, it’s just like being on a phone call. What’s more, you can add music by pulling directly from the Spotify catalogue, no more editing MP3 files. If you have always fancied trying your hand at Podcasting, it’s never been easier to start.

The only downside… You only get 30-second snippets of the tracks, so if you like what you hear, then you can still listen, follow and share the full track via our Spotify playlist by clicking below, or searching Right Chord Music on Spotify.

Getting your music on Lost On Radio

The Lost On Radio Spotify Playlist is curated by the Right Chord Music editorial team it’s a democracy, if we love it, we playlist it. No radio pluggers or PR agencies required. To get your music on our playlist, visit our contact page.  Submit your music, or recommend your favourite new artists.

The Lost On Radio Podcast

Lost On Radio began as a Podcast back in 2011, the show attracted listeners from over 80 different countries and was broadcast on 7 radio stations, in five different countries (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK). Listen back to all previous episodes here.

Hear the tracks in full on the Lost On Radio Spotify Playlist below…

Discover this week’s featured artists

  1. The Teskey Brothers – Crying Shame
  2. Marianna, Joseph – Run Hayley Run
  3. Party Nails  – My 404
  4. Dios Mio – Treehouse
  5. ABQ – Takes So Long
  6. Handstand Parade – Want More
  7. Mr Ekow – Jungle Gym
  8. Loladre – Be Great
  9. Callum Foad – Rollercoaster
  10. Katy Hurt  – See You Later

Help us support unsigned bands & independent artists

Support independent artists by listening back to all previous episodes of the Lost On Radio Podcast and Playlist here. Click our Spotify follow button below to ensure you never miss a new playlist. We now reinvest a proportion of our profits from Major Labl to promote the artists featured on Lost On Radio.

Spotify playlists are important for unsigned bands

Daytime radio is dominated by major label artists. Consequently, as an unsigned band, it is incredibly difficult to secure daytime radio play-listing. Hiring a radio plugger is expensive and for unsigned artists, the cost frequently outweighs the returns. Faced with these challenges Spotify provides a powerful and credible alternative way for unsigned artists to build buzz and earn an income.

Although landing a place on an official Spotify playlist can have a dramatic impact on your income, competition is fierce. Therefore, getting your music on independent playlists like Lost On Radio can provide a vital stepping stone to build online buzz to get on Spotify’s radar.

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