We are proud to be ranked as one of the Top 50 UK Music Blogs. Read on to find out how to submit your music or get in touch. We are all ears!

Submit your music.

NB. We are currently still accepting music submissions direct to RCM via the form below. However, we are migrating over to a new system and would prefer you to register and submit via Musosoup (see below).

All music submissions should be accompanied by the following three pieces of information, without them it’s highly unlikely we’ll feature you.

  1. A link to your artist Facebook page
  2. A link to your music on Spotify or SoundCloud (Private or public)
  3. A short biog telling us about you and your music – why should we get excited?

Please don’t send MP3 files

Any emails containing MP3 files will be deleted, they clog up our hard drive!

Why the change to Musosoup?

Right Chord Music is growing, and that means we are sent an increasing number of emails. We try our best to listen to as many as we can but inevitably some are missed.

If we like what we hear we’ll be in touch. If you don’t hear from us the first time, please don’t be disheartened, we’d love you to continue sending us details of future releases. We always keep an open mind. If you have sent music and haven’t heard any response, feel free to give us a friendly nudge.

Support us supporting you

If we feature you, we promise to include links to your social profiles, we’d love you to reciprocate by sharing our featured and befriending us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Let’s grow bigger and stronger together.

Submit your music via Musosoup

By choosing to submit your music via Musosoup we guarantee it will be heard. It also means it will be exposed to other blogs. Musosoup helps us attract and retain more writers, which in turn means we can promote more music. So it’s win, win!  Read how it works here.

Click here to submit your music via Musosoup.

Contacting RCM for other reasons?

If you are interested in our Pay As You Go Management & Marketing Services, or would like to write for us please complete the contact form below adding the reason for your message in the subject line.