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Ellie Burke Has Enough of The ‘Filtered Reality’

Ellie Burke - Filtered Reality on Right Chord Music

With songwriting coming from the heart and a highly inspirational attitude towards life, independent musician Ellie Burke has released her third single of the year, Filtered Reality, showcasing her personal view on the cons of social media.

Ellie Burke – ‘Filtered Reality’

The musical journey of this Liverpool-based artist began at the early age of thirteen, with her older brother (who at the time was part of a band) inspiring her to pick up the guitar.

Not long after, Ellie joined a girl group named The Stars of 99 with her best friends. This project gave her plenty of experience by performing at many venues across Merseyside and the UK.

At seventeen, Ellie traded the electric guitar’s loudness for the acoustic guitar’s subtlety, starting to play a more soft pop-oriented style. Convinced this was the artistic direction she needed to take, her newfound sound fitted like a glove with her honest and relatable lyrical display, which aims to help listeners to feel identified and supported with whatever issue they might be facing.

Such sincerity makes her latest tune, Filtered Reality, an absolute delight of a song. While it has become a constant presence in the modern world with many practical usages, social media has also brought a lot of negativity, creating an unrealistic ideal of how everyone’s life should be. This issue is the main subject that Ellie talks about in this melody.

In a beautiful contrast of sweetness and poignancy, Ellie’s performance oozes vulnerability, lending the song a high level of intimacy through its soulful songwriting.

Also worth mentioning is the outstanding production work, calmly mesmerizing and pleasant to the ear, only topped by her sugar-coated vocals.

“Filtered Reality is a shining example of pop finesse.”

Aside from her undeniable skills as a performer, what makes Ellie Burke such an inspirational figure is her ability to create stories of a deep, emotional value that people can relate to, an underestimated talent that, more likely, will bring her more fans and attention in the near future.

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Words Javier Rodriguez