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Quitter’s Wild Thoughts On ‘I Think’

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Discover Quitter’s hard indie rock with a soft heart.

Quitter – ‘I Think’

‘I’m not one for love songs, but I find in this specific time that I can’t help but think about your face’ opens ‘I Think’ by Quitter. It’s a line that leans into that classic trope of love songs, while retaining its own personality. And this is a track with plenty of personality to go around. 

Quitter are a four-piece band hailing from the US. Having admitted they still don’t know what genre they fit under, they nevertheless already have one album under their belt and are working on a second, and have been filling plenty of gig slots in the meantime.

‘I Think’ is a riotously romantic indie-rock track, which has some deceptively sweet sentiment hidden under a sense of merry chaos.

The lyrics are filled with plenty of character and humour, addressing a lover as they describe an aversion to romance, and conceding ‘but it seems to make you happy so it’s great’. The simple chorus statement ‘I think I’ve found someone I like, I think I’ve found someone who likes me’ is endearingly sincere, and offset by the screaming backing vocals and raw leads. The melodies are energetic with some neat hooks in there. 

The production centres around a grungey, distorted guitar and crashing, rolling drums, with some infectious riffs. It’s full of energy and something you can picture being wailed out in a garage – which is exactly where this band started. There’s a half-time breakdown and a shredding guitar solo to satisfy the rockers, but this track will appeal to many indie fans, and fans who like their love with a little irony. 

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Words Eden Tredwell