Dust In The Sunlight – Winter Monday

Sit-back, unwind and let your ears be caressed by the sweet sound of Winter Monday by London duo Dust In The Sunlight.

Dust In The Sunlight – Winter Monday

If Throwback Thursday were a song, this song would transport you to a time full of nostalgia without busy metropolitan streets, empty glaces from strangers and “rushing nowhere”. 

It’s understandable how Winter Monday came into existence during the lockdown period. Although we’re not in Winter, and the music video suggests a summer vibe, you can’t help but feel that ‘winter’ here, in this sense, is more of a mood rather than a season. It’s the perfect duality that exists between the voices of both lead vocalists, Billy Wright and Annie Rew Shaw; Soft and eerie mixed with a deep melancholy that, when melded together, portray that bittersweet feeling of going back home after a long time away. 

With clear influences from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith, ‘Dust in the Sunlight’ is a curation of sounds that resonates with listeners through carefully thought out melodies and gentle, but well placed, bird vocalisations. Simple acoustic guitars and layers combine to form a song that is shamelessly pure and unaltered, with nothing and nowhere to hide. 

If there’s one song you want to be listening to, staring out a window and wondering about the lives of everyone who you have left behind in your quest to pursue ambitions grander than your hometown could provide, it should be this one. 

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Words: Rachel Nielsen