ANNNA – Silver Spoons

ANNNA dazzles with important new indie-pop music video about accepting difference for Silver Spoons.

Introducing ANNNA

ANNNA is a Latvian/Dutch producer who is currently based in Amsterdam. Sustainability, burnouts and equality are some of the topics that she covers in her music.This is a thoughtful musician with an Indie pop style that is so likeable and her new track ”Silver Spoons” is extremely well executed.

Silver Spoons

ANNNA created ”Silver Spoons” as an ode to high school life and how hard it was to fit in at first with all the bullies and nay-sayers. She remembers walking into school with her brother’s beat-up shoes on and having the ‘cool kids’ laugh at her. They were all wearing fancy new Nike shoes and this memory is still clear as day for ANNNA. This is the story of the modern day millennials and it’s very sad to see how what you wear makes a difference at school. Hopefully this video is beamed far and wide so that the true lesson of acceptance is understood by youngsters. 

This fantastic artist is doing incredible things in the music world and we love everything about this catchy track. Standing out from the normal crowd and not being a part of the herd is such an important message in 2020. 

The music video is so well done with lots of dance moves on an athletics track and the timed choreography is tremendous.’Silver Spoons” is the fourth single by ANNNA, whose long-awaited release of her EP: “Pay Bills/Climb Hills”, is expected on November 13th at the Getting Closer Festival at De Wasserij in Rotterdam. ANNNA’s reaches dizzy heights here with a strong release that will be stuck in your head for days.

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Words Llewelyn Screen