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Dehko Wants To Take You To ‘Tektroit’

Dehko Tektroit Review on Right Chord Music

Self-made DJ Dehko has revealed his new album Tektroit, a release that takes his fresh spin on electronica to the next level.

Dehko – ‘Tektroit’

Tektroit by Dehko is an 11-track clubbing odyssey.

Proving that there are no limits to what you can achieve on your own, Detroit-based Dehko started DJing when he was twelve, learning the basics by mixing and scratching from YouTube and local DJs in his area. Initially, he started doing hip-hop until he stumbled upon a video of Ultra Music Festival 2013, something that would change his life forever, introducing him to the fantastic world of electronic music.

Rather than copy and paste what other DJs were doing, Dehko developed a sound that fuses his two favourite genres, meticulously balancing the euphoria of EDM with the swag of hip-hop. His new LP Tektroit is the culmination of this.

The first single and inaugural track of this record, ‘Infinity’ is the perfect mood setter to start things off. Joining forces with Forever Meech and WholeHunnid Los, the song successfully mixes bass house with hip-hop, delivering cutting-edge rhymes and irresistible beats to get your groove on.

Luckily the intensity continues with the following tracks ‘Go’, ‘Gotham’, and ‘Boom’, songs where Dehko demonstrates his producer skills flawlessly shifting between different styles.

‘The Basics’ is one of the highlights of this album, bringing a more comforting production complemented by SomeArabGuy and his soothing vocals, functioning as a magnificent tension reliever after the wild electronic showcase presented so far.

For the tracks ‘Run It Up’, ‘ Keep Going’ and ‘Freaks’, Dehko included female vocals, which helped to build a more traditional club experience, exhibiting on full display his DJ expertise.

Featuring rapper Snap Dogg, ‘Slide’ is one of the ultimate bangers in this entire compilation, offering an addictive rhythm in addition to Snap’s impeccable verses, making this a must-hear for any House and/or modern hip-hop enthusiast.

‘Wrong Again’ falls under a similar vein as the previously mentioned The Basics, evoking cool vibes and in the process, ending this aural voyage in the best way possible.

Tektroit is the ideal soundtrack to keep the party going.

Whether you love witty rhymes or want to fist pump to an infectious EDM track, this work ticks all the boxes regarding production and performance. Dehko has crafted a solid LP, already hitting the big numbers on streaming services, propelling his career even further.

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