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Jamws Asks ‘How’s LA?’

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This past January, Alt-pop artist Jamws gave us a small taste of his forthcoming LP Soft in the form of the tune I Don’t Want To Fall In Love. Fast-forward to two months later, and Jamws is unveiling another gem called How’s LA? and if you thought the previous single was good, wait until you hear this one.

Jamws – How’s LA

Still enjoying the success of ‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love’, London-based talent Jamws is back with a melody that exploits this singer’s characteristic honest lyricism.

As with every good song, this melody has a personal story behind it, and this one, in particular, has a special meaning for this artist, as he further explains:

How’s LA? ‘ is a letter to my ex. She’s an actor and we broke up at a time in her career when things were really blowing up. I was daydreaming about what her life was like now and reckoning with not being part of it.

I like this one a lot because it feels like a stream of consciousness. I remember writing the loop and bass line for the verse to start with, and thinking ‘wow, this feels really bare”.

Overflowed by a flair of nostalgia and sadness, this piece is a true testament to deep reflection. Jamws’ vocal work exudes genuineness, successfully transmitting this aching sentiment to whoever listens to this introspective tune, intertwining with the light guitar strumming splendidly. If the intention of this composition is to put yourself in Jamws’ shoes, then this record does a fantastic job.

How’s LA? Is a bold display of musical intimacy, guaranteed to touch your heart with its sensitive songwriting.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify, Jamws has also received press support from the likes of CLASH, Earmilk, and Under The Radar, building a lot of hype for the release of his upcoming debut album Soft, set for release later this year and produced by Grammy-nominated Mikko Gordon.

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Words Javier Rodriguez