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Daughter ‘Love’ [Taken From The Wild Youth EP]


We’ve been huge fans of Daughter ever since ‘Run’ kept our very own Blackchords ‘As Night Falls’ off the top spot of The Amazing Radio chart. Since then we’ve seen her live across London and eagerly purchased and downloaded each new offering.

‘Love’ is the lead track of the new Daughter EP [The Wild Youth] and it’s FREE from her SoundCloud page.

‘Love’ see’s Daughter (Elena Tonra) on familiar ground tackling the subject of relationships and loss, but ‘Love’ seems to take that to a new level of intensity. Her Bjork-esque vocal delivery pulls you in so close, you actually start to feel a little guilty. It wasn’t me that hurt you Elena! …forgive me…please.

This is not just a beautiful track, it’s yet another beautiful track from Daughter, and one that should propel her into the big league.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/23676255″]