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Blackchords Announce ‘Trawler’ An Introspective Banger

Blackchords - Trawler on the Right Chord Music Blog

Australian alt-rock outfit Blackchords release ‘Trawler’ their most danceable single to date.

Blackchords – Trawler

It’s been a busy year for Melbourne’s Blackchords, with new single Trawler their 5th release of the year. All of this, ahead of their third studio album Connected // Forgotten. After the lost Pandemic years, it’s clear Blackchords are making up for lost time.

Trawler was a finalist in the 2022 International Song-Writing Competition and it’s easy to see why. Combing funky guitar and disco-infused bass lines, it feels like the band has been digging in crates of early 2000s French-house vinyl. Inspired by the likes of Mr Oizo, Etienne de Crécy and Daft Punk, this is their most danceable release to date, but long-time fans of the band can rest assured this isn’t a complete departure from their more melancholy signature sound. Blackchords have pulled off a rare trick in creating an introspective banger.

Blackchords’ ability to juxtapose brooding lyrics against a backdrop of energetic instrumentals is a testament to their musical style and creativity. Nestling in amongst the four-to-the-floor kick drums and funk-laden bass, vocalist Nick Milwright’s introspective lyrics explore themes of reflection, regret and resistance.

“This old ocean, with no horizon, seems like she’s got a lot to say, but I ain’t been listening.” Blackchords – Trawler

Continuing the good work from previous singles, acclaimed Melbourne producer Nick Batterham (Rone, Cordrazine) steers the production, and it’s gloriously rich, deep and immersive. With each subsequent release it feels like something truly exciting is building as Blackchords continue to push boundaries with their ever-expanding musical vision.

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Known for their captivating blend of melancholic soundscapes and brooding lyrics, the band already have two studio albums under their belt: Their debut self-titled release and sophomore A Thin Line, both garnered critical acclaim and a global audience after high-profile placements on TV shows including Suits, Shameless and Orange Is The New Black.  

“Blackchords have pulled off a rare trick in creating an introspective banger.”

With their upcoming third studio album; Connected//Forgotten; Blackchords are set to solidify their position as one of Australia’s most exciting and innovative musical acts.

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