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Daniel de Boer Brings Us ‘Out of Shadows’

Daniel de Boer Out of Shadows on Right Chord Music

Daniel de Boer’s new album ‘Out of Shadows’ combines indie pop with world music to create an atmospheric, introspective, and refreshing record. Brimming with originality and creativity, there is plenty to discover within this cleverly crafted album.

Introducing Daniel de Boer

Growing up in a musical family, de Boer was exposed to various influences and began learning multiple instruments at a young age. Over time, he received training in classical bass and jazz styles as well as, more recently, contemporary performance. On this album, the multi-instrumentalist showcases his diverse skills, collaborating with sixteen musicians from different countries, each bringing their unique flair to the work. Together with producer Shakthi Prasad, they have created a collaborative and intricate sound on ‘Out Of The Shadows.’ The album incorporates a range of world instruments such as the oud, Lyra, and diatonic accordion, as well as blending elements of indie pop, rock, and jazz. The result is an engaging and dynamic musical experience.

Out of Shadows

The album aptly captures the theme of emerging from challenging times and rediscovering hope. This motif is woven throughout the lyrics and is reflected in the sonic qualities of the album. The songs range from melancholic ballads to warm and charming compositions, sometimes even finding these dichotomies within the same track. The artist’s ability to seamlessly combine diverse sounds while maintaining a cohesive theme is an impressive quality.

The first single off the album, ‘Fly Away,’ offers a unique perspective on a breakup song. Instead of dwelling on the loss of love, it immediately explores the theme of hope that permeates the entire record. The lyrics reflect on “closing chapters where another might begin,” while the uplifting and refreshing sound of the song sets the stage for its poetic and comforting lyrics. Atmospheric strings and funky guitar riffs create a captivating backdrop for de Boer’s smooth vocals. 

Two standout tracks that exemplify the album’s diversity and de Boer’s versatility are ‘Don’t Hold The Line’ and ‘Outside.’ ‘Don’t Hold The Line’ is a gentle piano ballad that gradually incorporates lush string orchestration and harmonies. Despite its simplicity, the song carries a poignant melancholy that resonates powerfully. In contrast, ‘Outside’ encapsulates the transition toward hope, infusing the album with brighter tones. This track boasts a warm acoustic sound and an upbeat musicality, carrying an undercurrent of joy as it encourages listeners to embrace optimism, luring us out of the shadows and into the sunlight. 

‘Circles’ stands out as one of the album’s most successful tracks. Opening with an engaging and lively acoustic riff, it prominently showcases the influences of world music. A wide array of instruments contributes to the rich and complex sound, with strings and woodwinds providing atmosphere, and harmonious vocals lending a dreamy quality over traditional folk percussion. This combination makes for a unique and captivating listening experience.

Another triumph is the final track on the album ‘Remember’ – an 11-minute-long exploration of a number of different sounds, instruments, tempos, and moods. This is perhaps the most explorative track on the album, whilst never slipping into the inaccessible. It has an atmospheric introduction, led by Daniel’s swirling and hypnotic vocals. It switches in and out of these dreamy sounds into multiple jazzy instrumentals, including a deliciously surprising accordion solo. We also find two guitar solos, building upon a sound previously introduced on the earlier track ‘Paradise’ – soaring, swooning guitar solos meander in a quality reminiscent of the sounds of early psychedelia. This track builds and builds into a swirling blend of sounds that seems to want to whisk you away, as it blends ideas together in a manner that seems to encapsulate the collaborative attitude behind the entire album. 

Daniel de Boer’s album ‘Out Of Shadows masterfully blends a number of different influences in order to deliver a refreshing and introspective musical experience. With this record, de Boer showcases his versatility and collaborative spirit, leaving listeners excited for what lies ahead in his promising musical career.

With its atmospheric soundscapes, introspective lyrics, and masterful collaborations, this album is a refreshing and engaging listen.”

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Words Jenna Rodway