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Jabe’s Feelings ‘Not Ready Now’

Jabe's Feelings - Not Ready Now on Right Chord Music

Jabe’s Feelings tells his bittersweet tale of breaking up while still very much in love.

Jabe’s Feelings – Not Ready Now

If this one-man project’s name hasn’t made it clear enough, the eerie keyboard-filled melody of the intro is here to set matters straight. Additionally, some acoustic guitar strumming and a chilly piano riff help to set the tone. This jam is all about emotions, more specifically the nostalgia of someone looking at a recently ended relationship and stuck at the denial stage. 

He even sounds like he is spotting a faint glimpse of hope as the chorus lights up with its bubble-gum pop beat. “I’m not ready now/Don’t wanna regret everything that we did”, he wails inconsolably, seeing his love quickly vanish into the land of memory. Jabe’s voice sports a pretty high-pitched tone reminiscent of Shawn Mendes and the similarities become even more striking given that he is singing a story of heartbreak set to an upbeat tune.

The passion dripping from his voice is no coincidence, as the song is inspired by a very real experience of leaving his beloved girlfriend behind as he was moving to London to pursue his dreams of a musical career. “Not Ready Now” deftly manages to strike that balance between emotionality and commercial appeal by presenting lyrics that ooze sincerity delivered with gusto and skill by a talented young vocalist. All coated with a sleek radio-ready pop production.

Jabe was born in Argentina and raised in Barcelona. He fell in love with English music at the age of three, upon receiving a Gorillaz CD as a gift from his parents and has been producing his own work since his teenage years. His current strategy is to release singles every two months to build a larger fanbase before he can put out a full-length album.

“The passion dripping from his voice stems from the fact that Jabe is singing about the very real pain of leaving his beloved girlfriend behind as he was moving to London to pursue his career”

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Words Fernando de Oliveira Lúcio