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Curtsy & Cry Release the Gribbler EP

Curtsy & Cry Gribbler EP

Alt-rock two-piece Curtsy & Cry have honed their skills while not letting their guard down musically and lyrically. The act, have also managed to create an original and distinctive sound, with their EP Gribbler.

Curtsy & Cry – Gribbler EP

Such a sonic diversion. It is complex and highly infectious, with expert fuzz and powerful guitar orchestration. These guys know how to structure songs which does not follow a template. They’re spontaneous and put together intricately, and quite rightly so. And the listener will hear this music drop into an innovative state while the lyrics poetically stick in the mind.

All this fuzz and perfected percussion makes for a compelling listen. Curtsy And Cry, who consist of drummer James Henderson and guitarist/singer Mike Pickering, have evolved their sound not to fit in, but to inspire the walking wounded, the disenchanted, and the outcasts. Every ounce of their being has been put into this EP, every sinew of their minds has been used here. In the frame, the music works so well, and sounds professional and not dated.

And these two musicians know a thing or two about designing the right note, the most epic of choruses. Gribbler has it all, the succinct lyrics which aren’t covered in red roses or coated in golden dust, and musical moments spiking through with urgency. Cubicle Ego drives home these fuzzy guitar parts that keep on giving. It starts quickly and then slows down to let the vocals appear elegantly until all hell breaks loose. It is a startling but engaging track. Grain draws out the emotions and melodically pushes the fuzz even more. Lyrically, it points heavily to the past. Vessel shows the percussion off perfectly, and the dust doesn’t settle, it only sparks a new wave of raucousness. It’s a dreamy crescendo.

Curtsy And Cry consist of a duo who know how to create complex music. Gribbler focuses on intricate guitar wonder and sharp lyricism, and in truth, is something to behold.

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Words Mark McConville