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The Poetic Empowerment of Carolyn Hunter’s Felt Like Love

Carolyn Hunter

I personally start a new year by updating my playlists with new tracks by fresh and exciting artists. Great and new music lifts my mood and helps me feel motivated to pursue my personal and professional projects. One of those recent additions is Carolyn Hunter’s single, ‘Felt Like Love’.

Carolyn Hunter – Felt Like Love

Released in December last year, Felt Like Love is the lead single from Carolyn Hunter’s latest album, ‘Lovelight’, and features a combination of sweetness and sensual freedom.

Carolyn Hunter is an indie-pop singer and songwriter currently based in Boulder, United States. Having shared the stage with artists such as Lang Lang, Karla Bonoff, The Lil Smokies, and The Good Lovelies, Carolyn has experienced an interesting rise in her career, a fact that should intensify even more with her new album release. Lovelight, according to the artist herself, “explores themes of desire and longing, as well as the evolving sexuality and energy that accompanies finding your voice.” Carolyn’s angelic voice as well as synth-pop and folk-infused clever songwriting propel this message forward, in addition to being elements that define musically the album and its lead track.

Felt Like Love is a joyful, dancing celebration of empowerment and freedom. The warm and delicate instrumentation and Carolyn’s graceful vocal execution elevate the song to a poetic level, especially when the context favours it. In my specific case, I listen to it while having a cup of coffee in the moments before the break of day. A beautiful dawn and Carolyn’s sweet voice are a magnificent combination.

I will definitely continue to add Carolyn Hunter’s upcoming songs to my playlists and I recommend the same to everyone looking for heartfelt, meaningful music.

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