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Pop Passion Blog becomes the latest blog to join the RCM Indie Collective

Pop Passion Blog Joins the RCM Indie Collective. Image Tricia Lo

We are pleased to announce the Pop Passion Blog has joined the RCM Indie Collective to help more incredible music get discovered.

Introducing the Pop Passion Blog

Created by experienced music blogger and Berklee College of Music student Kaitlyn Nicole the Pop Passion Blog covers everything from the biggest stars to the kid writing songs alone in their room. As the name suggests the blog covers Pop and all Sub-Genres of Pop (Pop Rock, Folk Pop, RnB Pop, etc…)

“We want to help artists who deserve to be heard by sharing their music through our New Discoveries Playlist, Interviews and Song Reviews.” explains Kaitlyn

About the RCM Indie Collective

Created by us (Right Chord Music) the RCM Indie Collective invites music blogs, and new music champions to access our central submissions hub to find more music to review. This now means with one free submission, musicians can end up with multiple reviews or offers of support across Blogs, Podcasts, Playlists and even Radio.

RCM Indie Collective

Current members include

Right Chord Music, Lost On Radio Playlist, Rats On The Run, The Daydream Club Presents Podcast, Indie Music Women, Eclectic Ear Candy, We Make Music, Music In Isolation, Iraina Mancini (Soho Radio), Tonitruale, Euphonixx and Up & Coming.

“The RCM Indie Collective makes it easier for musicians to get heard and allows us to champion even more incredible new and undiscovered artists,” explains Right Chord Music founder Mark Knight. 

You can read case studies and success stories here. If you are a music blogger, playlister, DJ or live promoter interested in joining The RCM Indie Collective please get in touch via the link on our submissions page.

Submit your music to the RCM Indie Collective

If you would like your music considered for review or feature by the RCM Indie Collective members you can submit your music for free here.