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Nefeli On Clouds Dives Into The ‘Blue Lagoon’

Nefeli On Clouds Blue Lagoon on Right Chord Music

The new single by Nefeli On Clouds, ‘Blue Lagoon’ explores memories of a love story.

Nefeli On Clouds – Blue Lagoon

A music box melody accompanied by her nostalgia-laden vocals drives Nefeli’s third single, as she sings her nostalgic tale. She has a high-pitched delicate tone that amplifies the aching expressed in the lyrics.

The innocent happiness of basking in the sun in idyllic landscapes explored in some other similarly titled film is present here in a way, but this song is actually drenched in melancholic tears. Her loving relationship kissed and embraced by breath-taking natural beauties now lies in a distant past.

The blue lagoon referred to might be connected to some real place our mournful singer has visited at some point, but right now it is more symbolic of a pool of tears of distant memories she and her lover of yore dive into every once in a while. “The moments are gone and I can’t get back now/No mountain view, the steam has cleared”, she weeps. 

The whole number plays like a sweet nursery rhyme that brings both pain and comfort to a heart trapped in time and yearning to relive past joys.

Nefeli On Clouds are a duo comprising singer Nefeli from Athens, Greece, and collaborator Alessandro, who helps her craft ethereal tunes to complement her emotional lyrics. The song is inspired by the first summer the duo spent in Italy as their romance was still in its infancy. Along with debut single One and second single Clouds, Blue Lagoon will be featured in their upcoming EP Depths of You, due early next year.

“The song wields a music box melody and Nefeli’s sweet, delicate tone to express the longing for a past she can’t relive”

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