Cosmo Blue signal their intent on debut Wild Stallion

With impressive production matching impeccable musicianship; and songwriting that reaches anthemic proportions – “Wild Stallion” by Cosmo Blue is one of the most impressive songs to come from a band at the very beginning of their musical career.

Cosmo Blue – Wild Stallion

Describing their music as “a concoction of unique sounds“, with “groovy syncopated dance beats“ and “strange guitar chords“, these guys give alternative rock the immediate and hard-hitting presence that it deserves, cutting through the sound waves with a momentum that just can’t be stopped.

The production work is subtle, helping to enhance the visceral energy of the performers, keeping the bass and drums clear and crisp as they drive the energy along. Slightly subdued electric guitars in the upper register help keep the sound bright and pop-friendly, with the traces of reverb on the vocals giving hints of grandeur at times. It’s as if we’re already hearing this played on a stadium, with thousands of arm-waving fans to boot.

Their message is simple and direct, but it doesn’t matter when the execution is this compelling. Each player is fluent in the other’s pace and style, complementing one another with ease. The rhythm has this ability to move smoothly from straight on-the-beat strikes to tentatively skirting around the pulse, providing the overall sound with a manic and unpredictable edge that is constantly anticipating and building towards the next phrase.

In terms of actual songwriting, it’s pretty upfront stuff. Bright, energetic chord changes manage to keep it frank and to the point, which suits the declamatory vocals; short bursts of melody are shouted over the thunder of the rhythm section. It’s catchy, but never loses the integrity that the rhythm supplies.

If, as some veteran rock stars have said, you think most rock music nowadays is too square and tame, do yourself a favour and give this a listen. At least then you know the genre’s not close to a finisher just yet. And who knows, maybe knowing about them, in the beginning, will become a talking point someday; but we’ll have to wait and see what’s coming next from Cosmo Blue first.

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Words Calum Moran