Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Judah Kim ‘Hey There Kids!’

Championing his epic brand of melodic alt-rock, Judah Kim explores in his latest single what, if anything, remains for the next generation. Judah Kim -...

Judah Kim reminds us not to suffer alone on ‘Backdoor’

The Bends meet indie-rock angst in Judah Kim’s new single, with soulful melodies and a tender vocal performance reminding that you never have to...

Add The Cazales ‘The Narrative’ To Your Playlist

Walking a thin line between sixties psychedelia and noughties rock, The Cazales give us the tunes and beat you’ve been missing for over ten...

Cosmo Blue signal their intent on debut Wild Stallion

With impressive production matching impeccable musicianship; and songwriting that reaches anthemic proportions - “Wild Stallion” by Cosmo Blue is one of the most impressive...

Dean Parker steps off the sidelines to release ‘Smoke’

Dean Parker’s latest move, from off the sidelines to becoming a fully-fledged solo artist, is one of the luckiest finds the singer-songwriter scene has...