Fuchsia City ‘Fool’s Gold’  is an upbeat pop-rock jam

Fuchsia City return with their new single ‘Fool’s Gold’, an upbeat pop-rock jam featuring Acisse Jay and Megan Maloney.

Introducing Fuchsia City

The duo from Raleigh North Carolina consists of Mason, who writes music using chiptunes and Cubase and Charles, a songwriter and classically trained pianist.  The pair draw from diverse influences including Gorillaz, Elton John, Daft Punk, Anamanaguchi and more, resulting in dance-inducing, upbeat electro-pop.  Their goal was to produce something that people had not heard before but was familiar enough to provide a hook, the unique combination resulting in their very own genre – Nerd Pop.

‘Fool’s Gold’ is the latest of several singles Fuchsia City have released since their debut 2020 EP ‘Game Over’.   The song displays the duo’s diverse influences, pairing the chiptunes sounds with an upbeat blues-rock sound, thanks to the collaboration with singer Acisse Jay and guitarist Megan Maloney from The Phoebes.

The song remains true to the fun dance-inducing style of Fuchsia City.  The funk-rock groove in the verse builds into a chorus that gives more space for the lyrics and melody to be at the forefront.   A real highlight is the rocking guitar solo by Maloney, reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen’s solo on ‘Beat It’ (albeit with more subtlety).

Lyrically ‘Fool’s Gold’ comments on the increasingly prevalent issue of online hate speech.  Guest vocalist Acisse Jay seeks to call out those that hide behind screen names whilst discriminating and using hateful language.  Rather than trying to do better or learn when they are called out, the faceless outraged double down, feeling they are on the true path. As Charles sings in the chorus, ‘Oh I’m on my way, to an empty grave, because this road is paved with Gold’.

The only downside to ‘Fool’s Gold’ is that it feels a little short.  At just over three minutes in length, the catchy melody may leave some listeners wanting more.  Repeat listens are certainly rewarded though, the song revealing layers that may have been missed on the first pass.  The electric guitar low in the mix providing melodic depth in the verses and pre chorus, the piano building melodic tension, and the layers of vocal harmonies in the chorus.

‘Fool’s Gold’ demonstrates Fuchsia City’s ability to consistently write memorable, hook filled, melodic electro pop songs.   The blues rock sound added by Acisse Jay and Megan Maloney are icing on what is already a tasty cake.  ‘Fool’s Gold’ is a track that is impossible not to dance to, and undoubtably will become highlight in their live set.

Fuchsia City are working on their second EP, aiming for a release in the first half the year.  There are exciting plans in the works for live shows in 2022, including an east coast tour.  Be sure to follow the band on their Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get all the latest announcements.

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Words Nicholas Cheek