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Common Ideal Rally Against Injustice On ‘Extended Play’

Common Ideal Extended Play on Right Chord Music

Common Ideal presents their six-track masterpiece combining an edgy sound with a compelling message.

Common Ideal – Extended Play

Hailing from the vibrant city of London, the power trio, comprised of Sal, Aaron, and Corin, has already left a mark on the independent circuit with their unique blend of punk, rock, and indie, solidifying their reputation through unforgettable live performances.

In their latest venture, Extended Play, Common Ideal channels their passion into a sonic protest against injustice and societal imbalances. While steering clear of specific political affiliations, the EP serves as a sharp critique of the elite, be they bullies or governmental figures, responsible for perpetuating injustice.

The EP kicks off with Manifesto, a self-explanatory introduction featuring a spoken word speech that encapsulates the thematic essence of the band, setting a motivational tone for what follows.

Following this inspiring start, Rage As A Way Of Protest emerges as a fast-paced rock anthem, a rebellious outcry against oppressive authorities. Fueled by a desire for change, the track features an exhilarating guitar riff, pounding drums, and a resounding chorus that drives home its assertive message.

You Weren’t Expecting Me? maintains the high-energy vibes, addressing the UK government’s legislation on immigrant students’ work conditions. The dynamic blend of intricate rhythms and spoken word-like verses culminates in a catchy chorus with playful vocal delivery and memorable back vocals.

The following track, Run, stands out as a distinctive piece, shaking up expectations with both its meaningful thematic content and unique musical structure. Departing from the wild riffage, it embraces melodic guitar passages and trades screamy vocals for a more soothing delivery. Despite this departure, Run gradually builds momentum, evolving into a vibrant alt-rock composition tailored for mass sing-alongs. Its culmination delivers a wonderful auditory experience, evoking the sensation of running with an exhilarating aural collision at its peak.

In a contrasting move, Mademoiselle combines a catchy guitar hook with danceable beats, embodying the intersection of decadence and glamour. Serving as a quintessential soundtrack for lively parties or punk gatherings, the track showcases Common Ideal’s ability to seamlessly blend diverse elements.

Taking a surprising turn and serving as the conclusion to this auditory odyssey, Don’t Judge Me, Please tackles its theme with straightforwardness. It emphasizes the importance of staying authentic despite societal pressures and resisting the allure of conformity. Unlike its predecessors, this track adopts a more ballad-oriented approach, shedding its heaviness for a poignant piano accompaniment and heartfelt vocals. This shift works wonders for its introspective lyrics, adding depth to its message of self-acceptance.

“Extended Play exudes a delightful blend of versatility and intensity, characterized by its edginess, emotional depth, daring spirit, and heartfelt authenticity.”

Extended Play provides a profound showcase of what Common Ideal stands for, ranging from anthemic calls to arms to their exploration of deeply personal themes. This work deserves significant attention and serves as a formidable introduction to this promising up-and-coming band.

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Words Javier Rodriguez