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Citrus Maxima Reveal A Softer Side With ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’

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Citrus Maxima’s well-anticipated track ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ is nostalgic and raw with bags of character. The Brooklyn-based indie band combine upbeat melodies with impassioned lyrics, resulting in a catchy, off-centre track.

Citrus Maxima – I Don’t Wanna Die

Inventive lyricism drives the catchy new Citrus Maxima track ‘I Don’t Wanna Die’. The chorus is infectious, carrying a classically heartfelt indie sound that makes the band so enigmatic. The track’s minimalist sound is complimented by reminiscent lyrics, creating a personal, ultra-nostalgic atmosphere. Slick drumming by Shawn Majeed sets the tone of the track. 

Having ventured on an East Coast tour along with years of local gigging experience under their belt, Citrus Maxima know how to create a buzz around their music. Their charm and energy as a group translate to their sound, often injected with humour and personality. The chemistry within the band is obvious, heightening their smooth sound. The weighty subject of this track proves Citrus Maxima can do it all – vulnerability, humour, heaviness. 

Citrus Maxima manage to convey a softer, more sweet side to their music both lyrically and sonically, still accompanied by their classic crunchy guitar and distinct harmonies from Max Gucinski. The band reach a new peak vocally too, with Lucas Rinaldi showcasing his impressive vocal range. With influences including the likes of Wilco and Modest Mouse, Citrus Maxima draw from 2000s alternative rock as well as contributing their own more modern edge.

‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ serves as a promising preview to Citrus Maxima’s upcoming debut album – said to be released in spring. This triumph leaves us amped for what’s in store for the next full-length record. 

“‘I Don’t Wanna Die’ is a meditative hit on life’s unpredictability”

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Words Zuzu Lacey