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Enditfaust Is Ready To ‘Step Into The Light’

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Less than a month after the release of his last track, ‘Ditch’ Emo/Grunge artist Enditfaust has revealed the next chapter of his already exciting discography. ‘Step Into The Light’

Enditfaust – Step Into The Light

For Enditfaust, his disappointment with reality, combined with his desire to represent a rebellious youthful outcry, gave birth to a music style that puts a fresh spin on Emo, tackling themes of depression, life, and other topics that listeners can easily relate to.

And what better way to exemplify what this musician is all about than with his latest melody, Step Into The Light.

From the first chords, SITL will grab your attention with its nostalgia and melancholy-soaked instrumentation, only topped by this artist’s heart-wrenching vocal delivery, accentuated by the auto-tuned effects and Enditfaust’s characteristic edgy lyricism, elements that have been a staple on this performer’s sound since his debut.

Inspired by the series Edgerunners, this piece showcases Enditfaust’s already well-known hard-hitting songwriting. Diving further into this, he said:

I was heavily influenced by Edgerunners. The second I finished the series, I strongly resonated with the atmosphere and characters and felt the need to express that. It helped me find the bittersweet words that I was struggling to articulate the deep-seated feeling of being ‘too angry die’ by channelling anguish and passion to triumph over life.”

Step Into The Light is a formidable offering of gorgeous poignancy.

If Enditfaust’s new single is proof of anything, it’s that alternative music will always find a way to reach new audiences, working as a testament to the appeal that genres like Emo have and always will.

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Words Javier Rodriguez