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Matt Holubowski Shares The Dreamy ‘Sandy Cove’

Matt Holubowski Sandy Cove Right Chord Music Blog Review

Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Holubowski stumbles upon a dreamy meditation for his latest release ‘Sandy Cove’.

Matt Holubowski – Sandy Cove

‘Sandy Cove’ is the third single taken from Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Holubowski’s fourth album ‘Like Flowers on a Molten Lawn’ released on 24/03/23. It is the follow-up to the single ‘My Burrow’ released at the end of January, which eschewed the singer’s brooding and introspective mien – exhibited since the release of his 2014 folky debut album ‘Old Man’- for a more “boisterous, goofy, immature and a bit ridiculous” side.

The track was produced by Pietro Amato and featured Marianne Houle on vocals and cello and the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra on strings. Enlisting this talent again, Holubowski describes his latest track as the result of “a series of happy accidents that revealed something in me that might not have occurred deliberately”.

Blending fuzzy electronics, strings, piano and vocals into an experimental collage akin to early Air, the singer-songwriter creates something so luxuriant that the only thing to do is to embrace it with open arms and succumb to its beauty. 

Electronic sounds echo like drops of neon water, as from the very beginning the listener is submerged in the track’s sonic depths. Through poetic lyrics Holubowski’s narrator-like vocal describes the “spiralling, destructive behaviours of a loved one” – “Grass grows by the inch, dies by our feet When we go anywhere”. This is contrasted against the soothing, nymph-like voice of Marianne Houle in the chorus which flows with sagacity over a delicate motif of descending notes, “Marked for the anointed It should’ve been you”. When Houle’s cello surfaces from out of the bliss the strings of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra give the track gossamer wings to fly away on.

With ‘Sandy Cove, Holubowski has clearly shown that he is a craftsman and composer as well as a singer-songwriter, blending emotions as well as sounds into an immersive dream-like experience. 

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Words Andrew Gutteridge