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Chris D’Lima opens up on new single ‘Dreams’

Chris D'Lima Dreams

Chris D’Lima’s celestial new song ‘Dreams’ draws from a wide range of genres to produce a cinematic soundscape that is effortlessly gripping. Its melancholic undertone allows listeners to connect to the powerful lyrics penned by the rising talent, whilst the dramatic melodies create a sense of dynamism that provides a beautiful edge.

Chris D’Lima – ‘Dreams’

An ode to finding your path in life, ‘Dreams’ is a carefully constructed single that will evoke a plethora of emotions upon listening and candidly touches on confusing thoughts and feelings that we all encounter. Chris’ gentle and soothing vocals create a mellifluous vibe throughout, as he showcases his adept performance skills alongside his honest and sincere songwriting skills. 

Chris reveals that ‘Dreams’ was “written about 5 years ago, at a point in my life where I didn’t know what I wanted or who I wanted to be.” Taking such a personal approach to the track makes it all the more profound, as he invites listeners to reflect and ponder as they soak up the velvety track. 

Classically trained in cello and piano, the singer-songwriter began performing from a young age and has since been able to fuse his classical background with more contemporary sounds to create a brand that is wonderfully unique. Stripping things back for his newest single, we see a particularly earnest side to the artist in ‘Dreams’, as the track takes a slightly more mellow approach than his previous singles.

Having gained airtime on BBC Radio 6 and supported the likes of The Horrors and MJ Cole, Chris D’Lima’s sound has been turning heads, and his latest release might just be his best yet. With a whole lot more to give, be sure to keep a close eye on what this artist returns with. 

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Words Chloe Hadded