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ARXIVN Speaks of Truth, Patience and Loyalty on Psalm 86


This is a fresh, innovative, track infusing hip hop traits and triggering lyrics. Artist, ARXIVN, opens up new sounds with his soaring music, and voice for the ages.

ARXVIN – Psalm 86

Introducing ARXVIN, a Kosovan born Indie Trap/Alternative Hip hop artist based in London. This is his new single Psalm 86 taken from his new EP PLEROMA The Place Below The Light

ARXVIN came to London as a refugee from the Kosovo war. Inspired by Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae. His influences have allowed him to create a felicitous, dark, abstract and constantly evolving sound.

Psalm 86 isn’t a typical hip hop song, ARXVIN balances intelligent wordplay with sturdy electronic inputs, properly pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve. ARXIVN is an enigmatic musician who is taking on the world, it’s clear 86 will propel him closer to the summit of his dreams.

Lyrically cohesive, the song manages to keep being interesting. An emotional core flashes within this track too, with the lyrics leaning on hard times and the need for solace. ARXIVN, sings with eagerness and a great tone, falling onto a soft pillow of melody. His strength is his ability to tell stories through his muse, orchestrating dark anecdotes. This doesn’t make the song teeter on the line, it brings forth a melancholic vibe worth its weight in gold.

ARXIVN’s track Psalm 86 paints a picture of the importance of patience, truth and loyalty in relationships.

“Take your time, take your time have patience with me. Well, it’s a dangerous game, have faith in me. We’ll speak the truth we can put that to the side. Take a roll on the dice. Take a chance on this life. I just want to see you”

ARXIVN is a talented musician, expertly singing to the stars, and rising to the occasion at every golden opportunity.

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Words Mark McConville