Chidimma Debuts With ‘goin thru things’

Discover Chidimma’s warm neo-soul ballad.

Chidimma – ‘goin thru things’

‘My heart’s been going through things, feeling new things, working through things…’ – whether you’re working through a breakup, a life change or just a Tuesday night, here’s a line that everyone can relate to all too well. For Chidimma, it’s a heartbreak story, but she also had faith on her side to get her through it. 

Chidimma is a neo-soul singer-songwriter based in Kent. This is her debut single, ahead of her upcoming EP ‘Love, Chidimma’, produced with IAMRTB.

‘What I thought was love, faded’ sings Chidimma, her lyrics simple but with sincere emotion. She gives thanks for her endurance – ‘It’s only you that saw me through, Lord’ and also makes Biblical references in lines like ‘The love I thought I knew was patient, kind and patient’. She ends with a spoken outro, boldly addressing her audience, letting them know ‘God had and has a plan’. Her vocals are the real star here though, smooth and beautiful with a delicate, airy tone. And while her melodies could use a few more hooks, they’re creative and wash over you gently. 

“Goin thru things’ is a lush soul ballad with influences of jazz and RnB, and faith at its core.”

The production is kept relatively bare to spotlight the vocals, with just warm soul chords, light beats and subtle bass. There are some lush soul chords with some unexpected harmonies, and an appearance from producer iAMRTB in the subby, distorted backing vocals. It’s a gorgeous, easy listen and a strong debut from a new neo-soul artist. 

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Words Eden Tredwell