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Buzzkills ‘I Still Haven’t Met Me Yet’

Buzzkills I Still Haven't Met Me Yet on Right Chord Music

Known for mastering anthemic indie alt music, Irish band Buzzkills has revealed a song that dives deep into the existentialist enigmas we all encounter at some point.

Buzzkills ‘I Still Haven’t Met Me Yet’.

In a brief period, Dublin, Ireland-based Buzzkills has made a name for themselves in the independent landscape thanks to their ability to deliver songs with a deep emotional value backed up by powerful cinematic production. This asset gives this outfit a distinctive sound, engaging on many levels.

With only a handful of releases under their belt, this group has amassed thousands of plays, like their previous single Trouble, which now only has over 13000 streams but also was championed by Charlie Ashcroft from Amazing Radio UK, who called it: ‘An absolutely incredible record’.

Now it’s the turn for I Still Haven’t Met Me Yet, a piece consisting of some of the most profound lyrics the band has come up with yet. Reflecting on themes like existentialism and self-discovery, this is an intricate melody that explores the mysteries within every human being.

Powered by a thick wall of synth, the piece quickly transitions to an upbeat rhythm, with the almost nostalgic instrumentation juxtaposed against the introspective lyrical display. In addition, the evenly-paced, steady vocals have a flair of vulnerability that grants this melody even more sentiment.

“Exuding lyrical cleverness and beautiful musicality, I Still Haven’t Met Me Yet is an exquisite indie-alternative gem.”

Buzzkills have made clear they’re aiming at great things. Their latest offering is a clear and consistent exercise on immersive musicianship from a band that keeps blooming into a thoughtful act that will make some heads turn for sure.

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Words Javier Rodriguez