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Elephant Protocol Take Inspiration From Sci-Fi On ‘They Live’

Elephant Protocol They Live on Right Chord Music

Elephant Protocol unveils the rebellious track ‘They Live’

Elephant Protocol – They Live

Taking inspiration from ‘They Live’ one of the greatest Sci-fi films of all time, Elephant Protocol has crafted a punk track with all the attitude and energy.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Elephant Protocol officially began seven years ago when lead singer Josh Calkins contacted the producer and lead guitarist Jake Detwiler to record the single demo ‘Good Idea’. Afterwards, drummer Shawn Riley and vocalist Genevieve Marziani joined, forming the original iteration of this group.

After testing the waters with some demos and experimenting with different genres, the band released their first official full LP, Thailand, in 2016, which dropped three well-received singles: Good Idea, Burn, and Sever & Break.

This chapter in their careers gave them plenty of recognition in Philly’s local scene, as well as being championed by the radio station 93.3 WMMR. This streak of success was followed by a hiatus that allowed its members to embark on other projects. Some years later, the band is back and ready to blow up some speakers with their new track, They Live.

Inspired by John Carpenter’s cult classic They Live, this song shares some of the same themes of misinformation, hidden messaging, and propaganda as the iconic flick.

The single tells the story of a fictional hero who finally opens his eyes and sees beyond ‘The Matrix’, and his subsequent vendetta against those responsible for creating it.

Instrumentally, They Live fulfils all the requirements for a head-banging-inducing anthem, containing smashing drums, wild riffs, and Josh’s aggressive vocals, evoking the rebellious spirit that makes punk rock so enticing.

“They Live is a blast of a track and the ideal anti-system hymn.”

Elephant Protocol have returned with a banger that will remind everyone why they were such a powerhouse in the underground scene.

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Words Javier Rodriguez