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Brainheart Tells Us ‘How To Live’ This New Year

Brainheart How To Live review on Right Chord Music

A passionate pop track to kick off your year, ‘How To Live’ is the brand new single from producer, songwriter and DJ, Brainheart (a.k.a Roi Zohar).

Brainheart – How To Live

Exploring EDM, cinematic and acoustic styles, Brainheart does it all, and the artist has been on a steady rise to the top since 2019 debut, “Explore the World”, which earned millions of Spotify streams and became quite the viral hit on Instagram reels. Relatable songwriting, introspective melodies and cinematic flair are the key ingredients that inform the talented producer’s artistic output, making him a true king of “any mood, any time”. 

New single, ‘How To Live’ explores the art of pursuing your passion, and what it means to go through this journey. Incredibly candid, the track doesn’t shy away from the stress, the negativity and the feeling of being burned-out that makes this age-old experience not one for the weak. The single challenges the what ifs, and urges us to see how pushing little by little, stacking up your little stones of persistence, will help you reach your goals.

‘How To Live’ is about shooting your shot, and Brainheart effortlessly transports us into a dream-like euphoria, letting vocalist Lord & Land speak their truth. The two artists are a superb match, drawing from each other’s energy and encouraging us to find pride in our path, no matter how long the road is.

With soaring vocals and uplifting production to get your heart beating in time, “How To Live” is without a doubt, the first of many heartfelt bangers to come from Brainheart this year.

‘How To Live’ is the perfect antidote for any New Year blues.

This time of year can mean a lot of pressure, and Brainheart is that person in the room who sees the bigger picture. All at the same time, he’s the long-time friend who always seems to know exactly where your mind is at, the mutual of a mutual that you click with instantly and can’t believe you’ve gone through life not knowing, yet also the stranger at a party that you’ll never see again, but listened to you like no one has before. In the most motivating but comforting way, “How To Live” will get you in gear for 2024!”

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Words by Rhí McPhelim