Tyriek Clement Looks Back On ‘Flying Away’

Discover Tyriek Clement’s heartfelt RnB ballad

Tyriek Clement – ‘Flying Away’

‘It’s crazy that we’re strangers now’, remarks the opening verse of Tyriek Clement’s ‘Flying Away’. Yes, we’re in classic RnB ballad territory here – pining over a lost love, but Clement brings a youthful earnestness that makes it all ring true again. 

Tyriek Clement is a Hackney-bred R&B and soul singer. With a handful of singles released, he’s opening 2024 with a classic heartbreak, she’s-better-off-without-me track.

‘Flying Away’ is a stripped-back R&B love song, with a pure sound and a heart on its sleeve.

The youthful lyrics detail seeing an ex again – ‘you seem like you’re in a better place’ – and all the regrets that come flooding back. There are some moments of maturer introspection with lines like ‘my first love was never gonna be my best love’ and ‘I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to your face’, but the soaring chorus is all angst, wailing ‘she’s flying away, she’s going to a better place’. The chorus melody is memorable and classic, while the verses are more pacey and modern-influenced. Clement’s fresh vocals take centre stage, showing commitment and flexibility – I only wish there was less autotune so I could hear his accomplished voice better. 

The minimal production focuses on the vocals and the ringing, reverberating piano, with some touches of backing vocals. While nothing groundbreaking, there’s an undeniable sincerity to it. Artists like John Legend and Usher come to mind, so anyone looking for a soulful tearjerker to scream-sing along to should give this one a go. 

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Words Eden Tredwell