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Greenhouse Tackle Life’s Challenges On New Single ‘Here I Am’

Greenhouse Here I Am

‘Here I Am’ the new single by Austrian rock band Greenhouse is a burgeoning guitar-driven juggernaut.

Greenhouse – Here I Am Single Version

‘Here I Am’ delivers an experimental masterclass in song-writing with solid foundations, a cutting-edge lyrical story, and poetic segments that tell us that they’re not so thrilled by the world. Not many people are at this moment in time, with politics overthrowing sincerity and rising costs becoming such a burden.

The track has it all though, with the instrumentals on full throttle, and the vocal work enabling these stories to come to light. Every lyric has meaning, every riff inspires, and this band’s talents are in full bloom, never losing a beat. The song starts off with subtle vocal work and then the guitar trickery comes in full force, delivering a distinctive sound. Those vocals do not just blare out, they’re tuned and gritty, offering these impactful stories as meaningful bases of intent.

Here I Am is a monumental track, crafted by musicians who know how to fundamentally design music which hits the mind in such an evocative way. The guitar workmanship is flawless, and the lyrics conjure up fables which spark moments of clarity, and the band has seen the bitter times as well as the joyous days.

It’s a triumphant stab at rock and Greenhouse is a gifted band, looking to the next chapter, with a clear vision in mind, and the rock scene may be bloated somewhat, but if the band keep on creating music like this, then the sky really is the limit.

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Words Mark McConville