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Brad Wilson Gets Nostalgic On ‘You and I’

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Discover Brad Wilson’s dreamy retro acoustic pop ‘You and I’

Brad Wilson – ‘You and I’

‘Long before the honest man held the world in his hand, there, he lived a thousand lives…’ opens ‘You and I’ by Brad Wilson. It’s a somewhat heavy and portentous line, but don’t worry – it’s all wrapped up in a deliciously summery musical package that softens and disguises the weight of the lyrics.

Brad Wilson is a singer-songwriter hailing from New Jersey. With a handful of releases under his belt, he’s now gearing up for his first EP ‘Chasing Ghosts’, due in spring of this year.

‘You and I’ is a dreamy, shimmering acoustic track with an infectious groove and a nostalgic sensibility.

Wilson describes a relationship in trouble – ‘singing along to every sad song’ – that will hopefully right itself in the end, fulfilling the ‘dream of you and I’. There’s a slightly abstract lyricism here that makes it stand out, with lines like ‘when you’ve got it upside-down, it’s heartache without a sound’, bringing some depth and thoughtfulness to the love song. Wilson’s vocals are compelling, and rich yet never overdone, and the melodies are well crafted, with the chorus being instantly memorable.

The production begins with cheeky snaps and a jaunty, summery guitar, but the dreamy synths and echoey harmonies take it somewhere a little different. An enjoyably childlike piano solo makes sure the track retains some playfulness, but there’s a vintage Beach Boys-esque sort of sound alongside more modern influences like George Ezra. It’s certainly a unique balance Wilson has achieved and a promising start to the EP.

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Words Eden Tredwell