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Saffron Unveils Heartfelt New EP, Chronology of The Heart

Saffron Chronology of The Heart on Right Chord Music

Saffron Stiller, recognised by her stage name Saffron, discovered her love for music at a young age. Her dedication and talent have culminated in the release of her debut EP, ‘Chronology of The Heart’.

Saffron – Chronology of The Heart

As a captivating showcase of her artistry, Chronology of The Heart allows her to carve out a distinct space for herself within the indie-pop genre through heartfelt lyrics and mesmerising melodies. 

Opener ‘Too Late Now’ offers a raw and honest reflection on Saffron’s errors, portraying the emotional struggle of letting go.

Throughout this EP, a sorrowful narrative of love and loss unfolds, offering a glimpse into Saffron’s experiences and serving as the foundation for the creation of this compelling musical output.

‘Tides Coming In,’ is then a prominent guitar-led piece that showcases Saffron’s heartfelt depiction of the deep significance her lover holds in her life. She poetically likens her partner to a ‘warm summer day’ before conveying her intention to ‘sit in the shade.’

‘Hit Rewind’ is a poignant ballad driven by gentle piano melodies, accompanied by Saffron’s emotive and powerful vocals that ooze with confidence and warmth. The song delves into Saffron’s inner world as she reminisces on past moments, comparing it to the act of rewinding her favourite TV show, all the while yearning for her lost love to come back to her. 

‘Looking For A Reason’ then carries a captivating country twang, not far removed from early Taylor Swift releases, infusing the song with an uplifting and buoyant atmosphere. However, beneath the surface, it resonates with heavy emotions as Saffron openly grapples with the lingering question of why she was left behind. Throughout ‘Looking For A Reason’, it is evident why this particular song was selected as a single from the EP.

Saffron’s magnetic personality and passion are palpable, permeating through every aspect of the music. The result is an authentically exhilarating and candid listening experience that seamlessly combines infectious grooves with impactful, hard-hitting elements. 

Saffron’s musical talent shines through in closer ‘Epilogue’, a guitar-driven track where she reflects on moving on from her ex-lover. The song features beautiful harmonies and alluring orchestral elements that complement Saffron’s journey of growth. Holding a melodic yet mournful quality, the song feels reminiscent of the style found inside a Boygenius track, capturing this bittersweet essence of nostalgia and moving forward. 

In Chronology Of the Heart, Saffron extends a heartfelt invitation to her listeners, encouraging them to embark alongside her on an intimate voyage of self-discovery. Through her personal anecdotes and musical talent, she creates a deeply resonant experience that leaves a profound and enduring impact on the listener. 

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Words Katie Macbeth