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Harry Heart Sells NFTs and Leaves Us ‘Begging’ For More

Harry Heart Begging Review Right Chord Music

What if fans could decide when a song is released? British-Australian multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer Harry Heart is releasing the ‘Cambistry’ NFT album on streaming services one track at a time. Next up is ‘Begging’.

Harry Heart – Begging

Harry’s latest single ‘Begging’ has already been snapped up by a lucky NFT collector which now means it has been released on streaming services.  ‘Begging’ is the fifth music NFT sold Harry Heart has sold which leaves six more to be collected. Discover more about this NFT series and buy one of the remaining tracks now on the Harry Heart website.

Begging also heralded a landmark moment for Harry Heart, following placement on Apple Music’s New In Indie’ playlist Harry Heart has smashed through the one million streams milestone, a significant moment for any artist let alone an independent artist.

‘Begging’ is released on Heart’s label Strange Method Music Group. As a strong advocate for independent artists, he uses the label’s resources to aid his peers in Britain and Australia. ‘Begging’ was written in Brunswick Mill, Manchester, drawing from the influences of The Verve, Gorillaz and Maribou State.

“The Cambistry album is quietly becoming a brilliant record.”

“The song is about almost giving up, about willpower outshining defeatism” Heart explains. “Even in my worst hour, I always move forwards. The song is about that type of optimism that doesn’t always come with a smile.” ‘Begging’ was written on a 1980’s Yamaha organ, along with several other songs from the Cambistry album, with all instrumentation and vocals recorded in Manchester, UK.

Like so much of Harry Heart’s music there is a delightful eclectism here, he seamlessly blends low-fi electro with indie stabs and his trademark impassioned vocals. It’s hard not to love Harry’s craft.

While you are falling in love with ‘Begging’ it’s worth remembering the wider Cambistry album is quietly becoming a brilliant record. To help you piece together the individual fragments here is a quick recap of the singles so far, plus a few other Harry Heart classics.

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Words Mark Knight