New York-based 4 piece Luxury Bones signal their intent with the release of their debut self-titled EP.

Luxury Bones – Luxury Bones EP

Like all the best new releases there is an immediacy and familiarity about this release that excites. Sonically Luxury Bones float somewhere between the art rock of Talking Heads and Warpaint’s hypnotic vocals.

Luxury Bones is made up of NYC music scene veterans Annie Stone (vocals), Graham Carpenter (producer/guitar), Russ Stone (drums) and Cara Radom (bass). The group has spent the last year touring the tristate area and scavenging for sounds that encapsulate the pain and wonder of living in the city. They’ve since fused the pieces together like a mosaic made of shards of glass, resulting in these honest, catchy, and fascinating songs.

Luxury Bones EP

Featuring a predominantly pop/rock sound with hints of disco, folk, and punk. The five tracks on the EP combine fun, heartfelt performances with music nerd arrangements.

“The combination of polished production and raw energy makes this so addictive.”

The chemistry between the 4 friends is clear in their sprinklings of choral vocals, energetic hard rock guitar, and dreamy piano solos throughout the tracks. Lead singer Annie Stone’s warm and raspy tone is akin to indie darlings like Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers.

Maybe it’s the New York accent, who knows, but there is something instantly seductive about the spoken intro on Bad Time. As Annie Stone calls for more music the anticipation is high. When the Talking Heads-infused guitar arrives we’re immediately hooked.

It would be easy to think a track called Misery could be rather morose, instead, it’s an unapologetically defiant and upbeat anthem. You’ll find yourself singing along. Samson is a moment of calm and showcases a more tender side to the band with Annie Stone’s powerful vocals nestling between your ears.

Geraldine starts with a whoop, and it quickly becomes a waltzing romp, part gypsy folk, part grunge indie rock. The final track Big House, starts with a guitar riff that Franz Ferdinand would be proud of, and we’re immediately hooked.

The debut release from Luxury Bones is a compelling listen. You’ll find yourself imagining you are in the room watching the live set. The combination of polished production and raw energy makes this so addictive. We can’t wait to hear more.

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Words Mark Knight