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Adelaide Taylor Bares Her Heart In ‘A Little Bit Of Space’

Adelaide Taylor A Little Bit of Space

Get ready to be transported to a world of emotion and nostalgia with Adelaide Taylor’s latest ballad ‘A Little Bit Of Space.’

Adelaide Taylor – A Little Bit Of Space

At just 22 years of age, Adelaide Taylor, a talented artist from Manchester, has previously unveiled her debut album ‘If I’m Being Honest’. Her musical journey began at the tender age of seven when she started taking piano lessons. Over time, she honed her skills on the instrument and eventually taught herself to play the guitar, continually improving her vocal and instrumental abilities along the way. 

Adelaide’s passion for music and creative writing has always been the driving force behind her desire to create and use her musical talent to inspire and motivate others. Among her primary influences are the legendary artists, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen.

The single, ‘A Little Bit Of Space’ is a remarkable fusion of balladry and classic rock that is sure to strike a chord with music lovers everywhere. The song opens with a gentle and delicate piano melody that sets the tone for the emotional journey that is to follow. As the song progresses, the impactful bass rhythm provided by Neil Fairclough, who is renowned for his work with Queen and Adam Lambert, along with the phenomenal producer Andy Ross, and drummer Bryan Hargreaves, create an air of nostalgia and passion that is reminiscent of classic rock acts like Queen.

Adelaide’s captivatingly beautiful vocals serve as a guide for listeners, as she takes them on a journey through the highs and lows of the song’s narrative. The lyrics are really open and honest, exploring topics like family relationships and personal growth. And as the song goes on, the electric guitar comes to the forefront, adding to the song’s timeless appeal.

“A Little Bit Of Space is a work of art that captures the very essence of ageless melodies, with a touch of pure brilliance.” 

The production of this track is simply splendid, with every instrument harmoniously blending together to create a sumptuous and full-bodied sound that’s almost opulent. It’s difficult not to get completely absorbed in the mesmerising world that Adelaide Taylor has crafted with this song and simply just listen in awe.

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Words Abby Teodosio