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POLI NIKA Embraces Vulnerability On ‘Down To Earth’

POLI NIKA Down To Earth on Right Chord Music

Continuing her on-going journey of self-reflection and discovery, indie pop singer-songwriter POLI NIKA unveils a soulful melody titled Down To Earth. With this new offering, she delves deeper into the intricacies of human connection, inviting listeners to a journey through introspection.

POLI NIKA – Down To Earth

POLI NIKA is a singer-songwriter whose music serves as a channel for her emotions, whether conveying pain, joy, passion, or her own aspirations. Additionally, she aspires for her work to inspire and assist others in embarking on their own journeys and chasing their dreams.

Through her music, POLI NIKA fosters a sense of unity and empathy, weaving together tales of love, loss, and resilience.

For her latest single Down To Earth, POLI NIKA chooses to portray a significant relationship moment: the enchanting instant when two individuals reveal their true selves, almost blindly trusting their hearts, and opening themselves to vulnerability.

Delving deeper into this, POLI NIKA elaborates:

It’s always unnerving for me to embrace that vulnerability; as I sing I am celebrating every tiny step towards openness. Towards the sensation of floating in space

In a sublime minimalist approach, this song acts as a canvas, showcasing POLI NIKA’s melodious voice with heartfelt delivery, sending shivers down your spine. Supported by a soothing piano rendition, this ballad exudes power and beauty. It’s worth noting that “Down To Earth” was born from a collaboration with Canadian chart-topping songwriter Liz Rodrigues, renowned for her work with icons like Celine Dion, Eminem, and Nicole Scherzinger, among others.

“Down To Earth serves as a captivating display of finely crafted indie pop.”

With compelling storytelling and well-rounded artistry, POLI NIKA remains a remarkably consistent artist, exhibiting signs of growth with each new release. Do yourself a favour and let POLI NIKA’s charming music inspire you.

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