First Signs of Love No. 169 Winters End

  This week’s First Signs of Love comes from Sydney, Australia. Comprised of siblings Marissa and Christopher Pinto Winters End are an indie, electronic band. Formed in October 2011, the brilliant Mayfair is their follow-up release to their critically acclaimed 2014 single Walls. It’s 80’s tinged sound made us want to hear Kate Bush ‘Running

First Signs Of Love 60. The Dead Heads ‘When I’m Dead’

The Dead Heads, are a five piece from the Southern outskirts of Sydney, who play an eclectic mix of 60s psychedelia and 90’s grunge.  Continuing the ‘dead’ theme, this is ‘When I’m Dead’ and it’s this week’s #FSOL (First Signs Of Love) featured track. First Signs Of Love tracks are the ones that grab you and consume your

New Music Monday. Introducing Cloud Control

Australian readers will probably be well aware of this band, but for those of you in the UK or beyond this may well be the first you have heard of Cloud Control. Prepare your excited face… Cloud Control, are a four-piece alternative rock band originating from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. Cloud Control blend the harmonies of Fleet