Lost On Radio Playlist

Episode 203 Lost On Radio (Playlist)

Lost On Radio began as a Podcast back in 2011.  Our aim was to showcase incredible new artists that were being overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. Since its foundation the Lost On Radio Podcast attracted listeners from over 80 different countries. It was also broadcast on 7 radio stations in five different

RCM Hangout Festival

RCMHangout Festival 2013.

The first ever RCM Hangout Festival took place over the weekend (27th – 29th September). It was one of the first online only music festivals. No tickets, no mud, and no queues at the bar. This was the festival you could watch from the comfort of your own sofa. All performances were streamed exclusively live, right


RCM Interview. Madam

We caught up with Sukie Smith from former band of the week Madam to hear about life on the road, the challenges and rewards of fan funding and future album plans. How’s was your tour, where did you go? The tour was spectacular, We were in the South of Italy for 10 days as a


Band Of The Week. Madam

This week’s band of the week are Madam, who describe the sound of their current album ‘Gone Before Morning’ as ‘dirty-fuzz-filth’ and I’m struggling to find any better adjectives if I’m honest!  But while that paints a picture of feedback and distortion it doesn’t communicate what lies underneath… beautiful, mellow, nocturnal tracks. Madam is Sukie Smith (front


Band Of The Week: Alpine

It’s been a long week, only made better by an equally long weekend. Our inbox has been filling up with new musical treats, and finally we’ve had a moment to sit down and listen, headphones on and volume up. Amongst the musical chaff, we stumbled upon this little beauty and were instantly smitten. Our discovery

Blackchords The Great Escape Festival

Best of 2011 Round up By Right Chord Music

During the past few weeks we’ve been asking some of our favourite people to choose their  music of the year. We’ve had brilliant selections from Blackchords, The Daydream Club, The Paper Shades, Romans, The Jude, and music promotions agency 1-2 Hear. To round things off, Mark has chosen his own 20 favourites, focusing on some tracks

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Blackchords Announce Fan Funding Plans For Second Album

BLACKCHORDS have announced fan funding plans for the follow up to their widely acclaimed, debut self titled debut. The new album will be released by the band independently, and they are inviting their fans and supporters to become involved with the project. The band have spent a large part of 2011 writing new material, and