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Madam. Three Sixes


Three Sixes is the 6th short film for the third MADAM album Back to the Sea ( Shilling Boy Records) It is part of an ongoing project to make 11 films to accompany  the 11 songs.

Sukie Smith from the band explains the story behind the song and the video. “Three Sixes explores a lovers betrayal and the decision to move on from the hurt by being as successful as possible. Taking the gambling and number themes from the song the director, Richard Morel,pushed the narrative into outer space. Spaceship Girl , who is also Earth Bound Girl, influences her fate and those around her with her super natural, number wrangling ways.

The entire set is made with junk! Wood from a skip , food packaging,  Ebay finds and huge amounts of silver paint. Richard built the spaceship in his spare room including the ‘Alien’ corridor, sliding door and control room. He shot an advert for a mobile casino company for free so we could use the craps tables and roulette wheels and the whole thing took months to film. The number 23 it belongs to me, watch me win…!”


Back to the Sea is available as DL on CD and limited edition Vinyl here.

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