Episode 208 Lost On Radio Playlist

Lost On Radio Playlist began as a Podcast back in 2011.  Our aim was to showcase incredible new artists that were being overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. During it’s existence the Lost On Radio Podcast attracted listeners from over 80 different countries. It was also broadcast on 7 radio stations in five different

Episode 102 Lost On Radio

Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible new, undiscovered, and under appreciated music from around the world. The show is curated and presented by Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music. Lost On Radio aims to showcase incredible artists that have been overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes.

Foreign Fields. Tuscaloosa EP

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Five piece Foreign Fields are back with their latest offering, Tuscaloosa, recorded last Fall, while on tour with Seryn. Known through their previous album ‘Anywhere but where I Am’ as a band combining genres such as electronica and folk, Foreign Fields newest EP shows a new direction developed from the folk

The Best Of 2013 (So Far) Playlist

There is no Band or Artist of The Week this week or next, as we’re taking a much-needed 2 week holiday. It’s a chance to recharge the batteries and come back stronger. The Lost On Radio podcast will be taken over by two of our very favourite bands, so watch this space on Wednesday to find

Best Music Of 2012. The RCM Artists Of The Year.

Here are the Right Chord Music artists of the year for 2012. We’ve listened back through all of the incredible music we’ve reviewed on our Band Of The Week feature to bring you the definitive, most essential new artists of 2012. If you are looking for a last minute stocking filler, or maybe just want

Episode Four. The Right Chord Music ‘Lost On Radio’ Podcast

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Right Chord Music Lost On Radio Podcast. Presented by Andy Mort and curated by Mark Knight and Andy Mort, Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible undiscovered music that has been largely overlooked by radio or pushed to the late night fringes.   This week’s featured artists: Hope and Social –

Band Of The Week. Foreign Fields

Folk and electronica are not exactly two genres you usually see paired up, but this is exactly what Nashville based 5-piece Foreign Fields do perfectly. Their music turns the two genres on their heads and creates something entirely new, with all the natural beauty of Sigur Ros.   Foreign Fields begun creating their debut L.P in an abandoned