Band of The Week. NONTA

NONTA excite us. The London-based four-piece consisting of George Taylor (guitar/keys/backing vocals), Nonta Libbrecht-Carey (vocals/keys), Harry Gill (drums) and Joe Young (bass) have just released their debut EP ‘Pulse’ and we think it is pretty special. Effortlessly drifting between poignant, vulnerable vocals and powerful widescreen indie soundscapes, there is an undeniable passion to their music that is

First Signs of Love No 139. Annie Chalmers

Wide-eyed and humble, twenty year-old Australia singer/songwriter Annie Chalmers took to song writing in her early teens, in an effort to broaden her horizons beyond the small Australian country town she grew up in. Decorated in more tattoos then your average hipster, it’s clear she isn’t afraid of being seen (and heard) as an individual. She

Episode 53. The Right Chord Music ‘Lost On Radio’ Podcast

Welcome to the 53rd episode of the Right Chord Music, Lost On Radio Podcast. Presented by Andy Mort and curated by Mark Knight and Andy Mort, Lost On Radio is a weekly showcase of incredible undiscovered music overlooked by radio, or pushed to the late night fringes. This week’s featured artists: 1. The Computers – Mr Saturday Night 2. The

Foreign Fields. Tuscaloosa EP

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Five piece Foreign Fields are back with their latest offering, Tuscaloosa, recorded last Fall, while on tour with Seryn. Known through their previous album ‘Anywhere but where I Am’ as a band combining genres such as electronica and folk, Foreign Fields newest EP shows a new direction developed from the folk

Best of 2011 Round up By Right Chord Music

During the past few weeks we’ve been asking some of our favourite people to choose their  music of the year. We’ve had brilliant selections from Blackchords, The Daydream Club, The Paper Shades, Romans, The Jude, and music promotions agency 1-2 Hear. To round things off, Mark has chosen his own 20 favourites, focusing on some tracks

Daughter ‘Love’ [Taken From The Wild Youth EP]

  We’ve been huge fans of Daughter ever since ‘Run’ kept our very own Blackchords ‘As Night Falls’ off the top spot of The Amazing Radio chart. Since then we’ve seen her live across London and eagerly purchased and downloaded each new offering. ‘Love’ is the lead track of the new Daughter EP [The Wild Youth] and