The Silent Death Knell: A Missive From The Inside.

Back in 2013 Alex Keevill, lead singer from The Microdance wrote a guest post for Right Chord Music about the financial challenges facing independent artists. The article hit a nerve and was widely shared and reposted across a number of blogs including Music Think Tank. As a blog that champions independent musicians we are delighted

First Signs of Love No. 143 The Phantom Sound

An explosive shot in the arm of punk inspired, dreamy indie goodness. The Phantom Sound aka Marisa Schlussel has announced her arrival in some style, we love the little touches like the rock scream as her debut single ‘Get To Me’ fades to its stunning conclusion. This single precedes a much-anticipated album, which is full

Mirror Talk – Don’t

This is “Don’t” from indie synth outfit ‘Mirror Talk’ It’s a proper ear-worm, one listen and you’ll be singing this all day. The track is taken from the recently released Infatuation EP.  This will be coming out on vinyl this month and released through the Urban Outfitters chain. This is the brilliantly evocative story about the journey