This really is Your Best Friend’s Favourite Band


Energy and deep feelings in Your Best Friend’s Favourite Bands’ “How To Live Without You”

Your Best Friend’s Favourite Band – How To Live Without You

Emotions, sounds, colours, are the key elements of Samuel Kelly-Cohen’s project Your Best Friend’s Favourite Band (YBFFB). Embracing the sonic palette of pop-rock, indie-pop and alternative rock, blended with personal, honest songwriting, YBFFB creates music that is on one hand deeply personal, and on the other very relatable for all the listeners. 

His latest release, How to Live Without You is an emotional ballad, dealing with the loss of his mother. A minimal, piano-driven arrangement, seems just enough to complete Kelly-Choen’s vocals. Raw and unfiltered, they make the track breathtakingly tender and moving. 

It’s hard to find songs where the emotion is so pure and clear, but How to Live Without You is exactly that from the first to the last note.

Here we can really witness YBFFB’s extremely personal and beautiful lyricism, where every word paints a scrapbook of the best moments he lived with his mum. Grasping all the pain and the fatigue we’d all feel without our mothers, this track is more of a magnificent poem with music than just a music release.

You made me feel like I was superman. But now I’m trying to save myself. And I don’t think I can. ‘Cause the one thing you never taught me how to do Is how to live without you. Don’t know how to live without you.

What emerges is powerful storytelling, always poignant and ready to face emotions. Listening to YBFFB’s music, you’ll find yourself resonating with the words, and most importantly, you’ll feel understood.  As Kelly-Cohen himself says “YBFFB is a message of kindness, empathy and joy”. 

If Your Best Friend’s Favourite Band is on your BF heavy rotation, this is the sign it should be on yours too!

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Words Anna Colombo