Thrillhouse will propel you back in time with their 80’s style EP ‘Wedding Disco’

Brighton based four-piece Thrillhouse have served up some well-needed nostalgia in their newest 4-track EP ‘Wedding Disco’. Featuring lead track ‘It’ll All Be Alright In The End’, each of the songs on the project provides the same running theme, but equally deliver their own individual flair, something that is rare to find in EP’s these days. Carefully balancing joyful sounds with meaningful words, Thrillhouse are here to… well, thrill!

Thrillhouse – ‘Wedding Disco’

Before their 2019 debut, Thrillhouse was birthed through the meeting of Sam Strawberry and Jackie B Nielsen in 2018 who quickly formed a friendship based on coffee and mutual failure. Then, in walked Tash and Alistair, and Thrillhouse began.

Driven by spicy percussion and blissful harmonies, the band’s sound is wonderfully euphoric and fills a genre niche that really needed to be brought back. Whilst simultaneously being your guilty pleasure, and that new band you can proudly say you’re obsessed with, Thrillhouse’s alt-pop goodness is guaranteed to lift anyone and everyone’s spirits. 

The easy-listening EP contains a comical feel that will have listeners taking note of every word, as they sing on relatable, mundane things and make them amusing, as in ‘It’s All Over Now’, they sing “what is going on, it’s Tuesday again, how the hell did that happen”. Tapping into our own thoughts and feelings on everyday life, Thrillhouse’s honest lyrics prompt you to chuckle along and nod in agreement.

Prepare to tap your feet all the way through ‘Wedding Disco’, and be sure to keep this quirky collective firmly on your radar.

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Words Chloe Hadded