Get out your synth pad, tease out your hair, the 80s are back! Well, they never really left, did they? Only a fool would try and deny the joys of artists such as Prince, Duran Duran, and hey, even Paula Abdul ft. MC Skat Kat. And now with his take on the style, comes Mike Kelly with his new track ‘Quest For You’, released with MilleVille Records.

Mike Kelly – Quest For You

Mike Kelly, a musician and songwriter from the New York area, brings us the latest in a line of steady releases.

‘Quest For You’ is an irresistible slice of synthy nostalgia, an ode to the pursuit of love, and funky moves.

It borders on the cheesy sometimes, with lyrics such as ‘Seven, eight nine, damn you look fine’, but I’ve never begrudged some cheese, and Kelly sells it with his joyful, energetic vocals. The opening chorus kicks the door down, no holds barred, so what can we do but sing along with that massive “My heart beats out of my chest for you”?

The production is huge, and that guitar is funky as hell. Massive drums, wailing electric solo lines, and those big synth stabs set up all the opportunities for dancing and embarrassing mirror karaoke. I have a feeling it could play very well in a live setting too. Unsurprising from an artist with a solid fanbase and industry credits, on this track, Mike Kelly shows us what he can do with aplomb, and he does it very well.

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Words Eden Tredwell